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Sunday, March 12, 2017


Collection of Bar-Kays

Initially a funky instrumental soul combo on Stax/Volt, the Bar-Kays were nearly destroyed when most of the band perished in the same plane crash that claimed Otis Redding. Amazingly, the Bar-Kays not only regrouped but prospered, evolving into a popular funk ensemble over the course of the '70s. They continued to score hits on the R&B charts through much of the '80s as well, making for a career longevity that no one would have predicted for Stax's formerly star-crossed number-two house band.

The Bar-Kays were formed in Memphis, TN, in 1966, growing out of a local group dubbed the Imperials. Modeled on classic Memphis soul instrumental outfits like the Mar-Keys and Booker T. & the MG's, the Bar-Kays originally included guitarist Jimmy King (not the famed bluesman), trumpeter Ben Cauley, organist Ronnie Caldwell, saxophonist Phalon Jones, bassist James Alexander, and drummer Carl Cunningham. Adopting a mutated version of their favorite brand of rum (Bacardi) as their name, the band started playing heavily around Memphis, and eventually caught the attention of Stax/Volt, which signed the sextet in early 1967. With help from house drummer Al Jackson, Jr., the label began grooming the Bar-Kays as a second studio backing group that would spell Booker T. & the MG's on occasion. That spring, the Bar-Kays cut their first single, "Soul Finger," a playful, party-hearty instrumental punctuated by a group of neighborhood children shouting the title. "Soul Finger" reached the pop Top 20 and went all the way to number three on the R&B chart, establishing the Bar-Kays in the public eye (although the follow-up, "Give Everybody Some," barely scraped the R&B Top 40). Producer Allen Jones began to take an interest in the group and became their manager and mentor; even better, Otis Redding chose them as his regular backing band that summer.

Unfortunately, disaster struck on December 10, 1967. En route to a gig in Madison, WI, Redding's plane crashed into frozen Lake Monona. He, his road manager, and four members of the Bar-Kays were killed. Trumpeter Ben Cauley survived the crash, and bassist James Alexander had not been on the flight; they soon assumed the heavy task of rebuilding the group. Adding insult to injury, the third and final single released by the original lineup, a cover of the Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night," was virtually ignored. Nonetheless, with Allen Jones' help, Cauley and Alexander assembled a new Bar-Kays lineup featuring guitarist Michael Toles, keyboardist Ronnie Gordon, saxophonist Harvey Henderson, and drummers Roy Cunningham and Willie Hall. At first, their sound was similar to the original lineup, and they were used as the house band on numerous Stax/Volt recording sessions; they also backed Isaac Hayes on his groundbreaking 1969 opus Hot Buttered Soul. Still, they were unable to land a hit of their own, and Cunningham and Gordon both left the group in 1970; the latter was replaced on keyboards by Winston Stewart.

With 1971's Black Rock album, the Bar-Kays debuted their first-ever lead vocalist, Larry Dodson, and incorporated some of the psychedelic-inspired rock/funk fusions of Sly & the Family Stone and Funkadelic. After playing on Isaac Hayes' hit Shaft soundtrack, Cauley and Toles both joined his backing band permanently, and were replaced by trumpeter Charles "Scoop" Allen and guitarist Vernon Burch. This new lineup took a more mainstream funk direction, scoring a minor hit with a takeoff on Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady" dubbed "Copy Cat." The follow-up, another good-humored goof on a recent hit, was "Son of Shaft," which in 1972 became the group's first Top Ten R&B hit since "Soul Finger." That summer, the Bar-Kays played a well-received set at Wattstax (the black answer to Woodstock), but it wasn't enough to keep their commercial momentum going, especially as Stax/Volt headed toward eventual bankruptcy in 1975.

Armed with new guitarist Lloyd Smith (who'd joined when Burch left in 1973), new drummer Michael Beard, and trombonist Frank Thompson, the Bar-Kays signed with Mercury in 1976 and began the most commercially productive phase of their career. Writing most of their own material and using more synthesizers, their label debut, Too Hot to Stop, was a hit, powered by the smash R&B single "Shake Your Rump to the Funk." The group consolidated their success by opening for George Clinton's P-Funk machine on an extensive tour, and that loose, wild aesthetic was now a more accurate reflection of the Bar-Kays' brand of funk, although they were more easily able to bridge into disco. Follow-up Flying High on Your Love (1977) was the band's first gold record, and Money Talks -- a Fantasy reissue of some previously unreleased Stax material -- produced another Top Ten hit in "Holy Ghost" the following year. Drummer Sherman Guy and keyboardist Mark Bynum subsequently joined the band, and a string of hit albums followed: 1979's Injoy (which featured the Top Five R&B hit "Move Your Boogie Body"), 1980's As One, 1981's Nightcruising (which spawned two hits in "Hit and Run" and "Freaky Behavior"), and 1982's Propositions (more hits in "Do It (Let Me See You Shake)" and "She Talks to Me With Her Body"). All of those albums, save for As One, went gold.

In 1983, Sherman Guy and Charles Allen left the group, presaging a more commercial direction in keeping with the urban sound of the early '80s. 1984's Dangerous produced one of the group's biggest hits, "Freakshow on the Dancefloor," and a couple more R&B chart hits in "Dirty Dancer" and "Sex-O-Matic." Their sound was becoming derivative, however, and although the group kept recording for Mercury through 1989, the changing musical landscape meant that the hits dried up. By 1987, only Larry Dodson, Harvey Henderson, and Winston Stewart remained; that same year, Allen Jones died of a heart attack, and the group scored its last R&B Top Ten hit with "Certified True." When their contract with Mercury was up, the Bar-Kays called it quits with 1988's Animal. Dodson and original bassist James Alexander put together a short-lived new version of the Bar-Kays for the 1994 album 48 Hours, released on the small Basix label. allmusic by Steve Huey

Soul Finger (1967)


01. Soul Finger
02. Knucklehead
03. With A Child's Heart
04. Bar Kays Boogaloo
05. Theme From Hell's Angels
06. You Can't Sit Down
07. House Shoes
08. Pearl High
09. I Want Someone
10. Hole In The Wall
11. Don't Do That

Album: Gotta Groove (1969)


01. Don't Stop Dancing (To This Music) Part 1
02. If This World Was Mine
03. In The Hole
04. Funky Thang
05. Jiving 'Round
06. Grab This Thing
07. Don't Stop Dancing (To This Music) Part 2
08. Street Walker
09. Yesterday
10. Humpin'
11. Hey Jude

Album: Black Rock (1971)


01. Baby I Love You
02. I've Been Trying
03. You Don't Know Like I Know
04. Dance To The Music
05. A Piece Of Your Peace
06. Six O'clock News Report
07. How Sweet It Would Be
08. Montego Bay

Album: Do You See What I See (1972)


01. Do You See What I See
02. God Is Watching
03. Be Yourself
04. You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
05. You're Still My Brother
06. I Was Made To Love Her
07. Your Good Thing (Is About To End)
08. It Ain't Easy
09. Love Pollution
10. People, Unite To Save Humanity
11. In The Hole
12. Copycat
13. Memphis At Sunrise
14. Medley Son Of Shaft Feel It
15. I Can't Turn You Loose

Album: Cold Blooded (1974)


01. Cold Blooded
02. Harmony
03. In The Scheme Of Things
04. Waiting And Hating
05. Smiling, Styling & Profiling
06. Frame Of Mind
07. (I've Got To) Use My Imagination
08. Fighting Fire With Fire
09. Would I If I Could

Album: Too Hot To Stop (1976)


01. Too Hot To Stop
02. You're So Sexy
03. Bang, Bang
04. Spellbound
05. Shake Your Rump To The Funk
06 Cozy
07. Summer Of Our Love
08. White House Orgy

Album: Flying High On Your Love (1977)


01. Shut The Funk Up
02. Standing On The Outside
03. Woman Of The Night
04. Whatever It Is
05. Can't Keep My Hands Off You
06. Let's Have Some Fun
07. Attitudes
08. You Can't Run Away
09. Flying High On Your Love

Album: Money Talks (1978)


01. Holy Ghost
02. Feelin' Alright
03. Monster
04. Money Talks
05. Mean Mistreater
06. Holy Ghost (Reborn)

Album: Light Of Life (1978)


01. Get Up 'N Do It
02. Shine
03. I Lean On You, You Lean On Me
04. Give It Up
05. Love's Is What It's All About
06. I'll Dance
07. We're The Happiest People On Earth
08. Are You Being Real
09. Angel Eyes

Album: Injoy (1979)


01. More And More
02. Move Your Boogie Body
03. Running In And Out Of My Life
04. Girl I'm On Your Side
05. Loving You Is My Occupation
06. Today Is The Day
07. You've Been
08. Up In Here

Album: As One (1980)


01. Boogie Body Land
02. Say It Through Love
03. Work It Out
04. Body Fever
05. As One
06. Take The Time To Love Somebody
07. Open Your Heart
08. Deliver Us

Album: Nightcruising (1981)


01. Nightcruising
02. Hit And Run
03. Feel Like Im Fall In Love
04. Freaky Behaviour
05. Touch Tone
06. Unforgettable Dream
07. Traffic Jammer
08. Backseat Driver

Album: Propositions (1982)


01. Propositions
02. Tripping Out
03. Anticipation
04. ( Busted )
05. Do It (Let Me See You Shake)
06. She Talks To Me With Her Body
07. I Can't Believe You're Leaving Me
08. You Made A Change In My Life

Album: Dangerous (1984)


01. Dangerous
02. Dirty Dancer
03. Make Believe Lover
04. Dance, Party, etc
05. Freakshow On The Dance Floor
06. Lovers Should Never Fall In Love
07. Loose Talk
08. Sex-O-Matic

Album: Banging The Wall (1985)


01. Your Place Or Mine
02. Banging The Walls
03. Paper Doll
04. Sex Driver
05. Dance Your Body, Desara
06. Love Don't Wait
07. Missiles On Target
08. Gina

Album: Contagious (1987)


01. Certified True
02. Don't Hang Up
03. Many Mistakes
04. Freak City U.S.A.
05. Contagious
06. Something in the Air
07. This Could Be the Night
08. Time Out
09. Touch

Album: Animal (1989)


01. Animal
02. Struck By You
03. Stop! Look What You're
04. Missing
05. Someone Else
06. Are U Available
07. Just Like A Teeter Totter
08. I Adore You
09. Leaving You
10. Struck By You (12'' Version)

Album: The Best Of (1993)


01. Too Hot To Stop
02. Cozy
03. Shake Your Rump To The Funk
04. Attitudes
05. Shut The Funk Up
06. Standing On The Outside
07. Shine
08. I'll Dance
09. Move Your Boogie Body
10. Deliver Us
11. Hit And Run
12. Anticipation
13. Freakshow On The Dance Floor
14. Sexomatic
15. Certified True
16. Struck By You

Album: The Best Of Bar-Kays, Vol. 2 (1996)


01. Let's Have Some Fun
02. Boogie Body Land
03. Do It (Let Me See You Shake)
04. Spellbound
05. Flying High On Your Love
06. I Lean On You-You Lean On Me
07. Are You Being Real
08. Freaky Behavior
09. She Talks To Me With Her Body (12' Mix)
10. Sexomatic (12' Mix)
11. Your Place Or Mine
12. Dirty Dancer
13. Running In & Out Of My Life
14. Today Is The Day
15. Unforgettable Dream
16. Whitehouseorgy


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ready For The World

Collection of Ready For The World

A Michigan funk band with slight rock leanings, Ready for the World parlayed Melvin Riley's whining vocals and some trendy production into a pair of number one R&B hits in the mid-'80s for MCA. Riley, Gordon Strozier, Gregory Potts, Willie Triplett, John Eaton, and Gerald Valentine began on their own Blue Lake label before signing with MCA. The label reissued the song "Tonight," and it reached number six on the R&B charts in 1984. They followed it with "Deep Inside Your Love," another Top Ten R&B single, then had their first of two chart-toppers in "Oh Sheila." It got them a huge crossover smash, ultimately topping the pop lists as well. They scored their fourth consecutive Top Ten R&B record with "Digital Display," then had two flop singles before "Love You Down" put them back on top of the R&B world in 1986. It was their last hit and peaked at number nine pop. ~ Ron Wynn, Rovi

Album: Ready For The World (1985)


01. Tonight
02. Digital Display
03. Ceramic Girl
04. Deep Inside Your Love
05. Oh Sheila
06. Human Toy
07. Slide Over
08. Out Of Town Lover
09. I'm The One Who Loves You

Album: Long Time Coming (1986)


01. Love You Down
02. Baby (Let Me Love You)
03. Long Time Coming
04. Some People Don't Care
05. In My Room
06. Mary Goes Round
07. Here I Am
08. It's All A Game

Album:Ruff N Ready (1988)


01. My Girly
02. Shame
03. Cowboy
04. Gently
05. Money
06. Darlin, Darlin
07. Don't You Wanna (With Me)
08. Late Saturday Night
09. Its Funny

Album: Straight Down To Business (1991)


01. Nuttin But A Party
02. Straight Down To Business
03. Cat Thang
04. World Party
05. Ask Your Lover
06. P.B.S.L
07. Can He Do It (Like This, Can He Do It Like That)
08. No More Mr Nice Guy
09. Yo Thats Alot A Body
10. Panties & Draws
11. Would You Make Me

Album: Oh Sheila! Greatest Hits (1993)


01. Oh Sheila
02. Tonight
03. Digital Display
04. Deep Inside Your Love
05. Long Time Coming
06. Love You Down
07. Mary Goes 'Round
08. Slide Over
09. My Girly
10. Gently
11. Straight Down to Business
12. Can He Do It (Like This, Can He Do It Like That)

Album: The Best Of Ready For The World (2002)


01. Ceramic Girl - (Extended Mix)
02. Slide Over
03. Oh Sheila
04. Mary Goes 'Round - (Single Version)
05. Gently
06. Digital Display - (Radio Edit)
07. Tonight
08. Long Time Coming - (Single Version)
09. Deep Inside Your Love
10. My Girly - (Single Version)
11. Straight Down To Business - (Single Remix Version)
12. Can He Do It (Like This, Can He Do It Like That) - (Extended Mix)
13. Whose Is It - Melvin Riley (Chocolate Mix)
14. Love You Down

Album: She Said She Wants Some (2004)


01. Sexy Interlude
02. Black-n-Mild
03. Booty Call
04. Atomic Dogg Lover
05. Sticky Love
06. Livin 2 Lives
07. What We Gonna Do About That
08. Can't Nobody Do You Like I Do
09. Shout Out
10. Ace-Boon-Coon
11. Page Me
12. Up & Down


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Donell Jones

Collection of Donell Jones

Beginning with his 1996 album My Heart, singer/songwriter/producer Donell Jones recorded a jazzy and soulful style of urban pop for LaFace Records and scored a few modest singles in the process. His first two singles -- "In the Hood" and "Knocks Me Off My Feet" -- established his reputation within the competitive urban market. In particular, the latter song, originally a Stevie Wonder song from Songs in the Key of Life (1976), became a substantial hit for Jones, climbing to the upper reaches of the Billboard R&B chart and driving the album up the charts as well. In addition to his own music, he also wrote songs for other urban artists such as Usher ("Think of You") and 702 ("Get It Together").

Born the son of a gospel singer, Jones immersed himself in music at a young age. Later, he began to fall victim to the temptations of Chicago's South Side, where he grew up. At one point, after involving himself with gang culture, he decided to dedicate himself to music rather than the streets. He met Edward "Eddie F" Ferrell (former Heavy D & the Boyz member turned Untouchables Entertainment president), and the two formed a partnership with LaFace. Following the success of Usher's "Think of You" in 1994 (number eight R&B), a song written by Jones, LaFace executives L.A. Reid and Babyface gave the blossoming artist the go-ahead to begin work on his solo debut. Executive produced by Ferrell, Reid, and Babyface, My Heart peaked at number 30 on Billboard's R&B chart in 1996, propelled primarily by the success of "Knocks Me Off My Feet" as well as two other singles: "In the Hood" and "You Should Know."

When Jones returned three years later in 1999 with his second album, Where I Wanna Be, he had become known as an accomplished songwriter. He penned songs for 702 ("Get It Together," 1997) and Drea ("Not Gonna Letcha," 1998) and was well regarded within the industry as a result. Unsurprisingly then, Jones attained impressive success with Where I Wanna Be and its singles: "U Know What's Up" and "Shorty (Got Her Eyes on Me)." Shortly after the album's release, he contributed a song to the Shaft soundtrack ("Do What I Gotta Do") and to Guru's Streetsoul album ("Hustlin' Daze," which he also contributed vocals to). Following some time off in 2001, Jones returned in 2002 with his third album, Life Goes On. The album peaked at number three on the album chart, but he wasn't able to follow it up until 2006's Journey of a Gemini, which charted even higher. Despite this, Jones and LaFace parted ways after a 2007 best-of compilation. Three years later, Jones signed an independent deal with eOne and released Lyrics (2010) and Forever (2013), two albums for which he performed, wrote, and produced nearly everything. ~ Jason Birchmeier, Rovi

Album: My Heart (1996)


01. In the Hood [Playas Version]
02. Knocks Me off My Feet
03. No Interruptions
04. Waiting on You
05. I Want You to Know
06. My Heart
07. Yearnin'
08. Wish You Were Here
09. All About You
10. You Should Know
11. Natural Thang
12. Believe in Me
13. In the Hood [Remix]
14. Don't Cry
15. The Only One You Need

Album: Where I Wanna Be (1999)


01. U Know What's Up
02. Shorty [Got Her Eyes on Me]
03. Where I Wanna Be
04. Have You Seen Her
05. This Luv
06. All Her Love
07. It's Alright
08. Think About It (Don't Call My Crib)
09. He Won't Hurt You
10. Pushin'
11. I Wanna Luv U
12. When I Was Down
13. U Know What's Up (Remix)

Album: Life Goes On (2002)


01. Still
02. Put Me Down
03. You Know That I Love You
04. Where You Are (Is Where I Wanna Be) (Pt. 2)
05. Do U Wanna
06. Life Goes On
07. Freakin' U
08. Gotta Get Her (Outta My Head)
09. Guilty by Suspicion
10. Don't Leave
11. Comeback
12. I Hope It's You

Album: Journey of a Gemini (2006)


01. Special Girl
02. Better Start Talking
03. I'm Gonna Be
04. My Apology
05. Spend the Night
06. Portrait of a Woman
07. Cry
08. Ooh Na Na
09. Feelin' You
10. Can't Wait
11. Lust or Love
12. If U Want
13. Cuttin' Me Off
14. Another Life
15. I'm Gonna Be

Album: The Best Of Donell Jones (2007)


01. U Know Whats Up
02. Spend The Nigh
03. Where I Wanna Be
04. I'm Gonna Be
05. You know That I Love U
06. This Luv
07. Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)
08. Better Start Talking (feat. Jermaine Dupri)
09. Where U Are (is Where I Wanna Be) (part 2)
10. Cry
11. Still
12. Put Me Down
13. Knocks Me Off My Feet

Album: The Lost Files (2009)


01. Free
02. Superman
03. Badboy
04. Marry Me
05. Forever
06. Sergeant Louise
07. Reggae Remix
08. Assville
09. Groove On
10. Allnight
11. Stressin

Album: Lyrics (2010)


01. The World Is Yours
02. Your Place
03. Love Like This
04. Imagine That
05. Backdoor
06. Blackmail
07. All About the Sex
08. Stripclub
09. What's Next
10. You Can Burn
11. The Finer Things In Life
12. Just a Little
13. O How I Wonder

Album: Forever (2013)


01. New Beginning
02. Forever
03. Closer I Get To You (feat. Alja Kamillion)
04. Beautiful
05. Don't Blame Me
06. You Know
07. I Miss the King
08. Sorry I Hurt You
09. Ride This
10. Step the F Off
11. I'm So Gone
12. A Mother's Love


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dave Hollister

Collection of Dave Hollister

Dave Hollister built his R&B credentials on a gospel foundation. His gospel prowess is no shocker considering that he spent most of his time in church growing up with his eleven siblings. Both of his parents were preachers and it was at his father’s church that he received his vocal training. Dave Hollister is best known for rocking his soulful gospel voice with music that mixes streetwise hip-hop and smooth R&B flavor. He has backed-up everyone from Mary J. Blige, to Patti Labelle, to Tupac, as well as serving as writer/producer for Tim Dog and Ray Watkins. He first appeared on the soundtrack of Boyz N the Hood, but got his big break as an original member of Teddy Riley’s Blackstreet, performing on their 1994 debut album, “Blackstreet.” He departed shortly thereafter to pursue a solo career, not only as a singer but also as a songwriter and producer. Hollister’s first recorded effort as a solo act, the Erick Sermon/Redman collaboration “Weekend,” was featured on the movie soundtrack “The Ride” and released as a single in 1998. His solo debut, “Ghetto Hymns,” was issued in 1999. “Chicago ’85: The Movie” followed a year later. His superior vocal talents have also been featured on several albums, including “Blacka Da Berry,” “Enigma,” “Lead and How to Swing It,” “Usher,” and “Hi-Five.” He later released “Real Talk” which gave the world a lot to talk about. The Soulster again amazed the music industry with songs like Let Me Reason with Your Body, Bad When You’re Broke and Case is Closed. After this project Hollister made a life changing decision to walk away from R&B music and the lifestyle in order to live a life that is pleasing to God. Real Talk marked the transition of Dave’s musical career and personal and spiritual life. The Book of David is the result of Hollister’s life-changing decision. It is not aimed just at Gospel fans but at Hollister’s R&B fans as well. The songs on the album include blunt honesty about his past, as well as, his present which is as much a purging for Hollister himself as he hopes it will be a primer for those going through the same challenges he has faced. The Book of David is a life changing project that will guide you through transition.

Album: Ghetto Hymns (1999)


01. Ghetto Hymns (The Introduction) - (with Redman)
02. Came In The Door Pimpin'
03. My Favorite Girl
04. Round And Round (with Jazze Pha)
05. Baby Mama Drama
06. It's Alright (Bonus Hymn)
07. Can't Stay
08. Bring It To Dave (Interlude)
09. Call On Me
10. Missin' You
11. Keep Forgettin'
12. Come Inside My Room (Interlude)
13. The Program
14. My Feelin's
15. Respect 2 Him (Outro)
16. I'm Sorry (My Favorite Girl Remix)

Album: Chicago '85 The Movie (2000)


01. Interlude (I'm Not Complete)
02. Keep On Lovin'
03. Take Care Of Home
04. One Woman Man
05. We've Come To Far
06. You Can't Say
07. Yo Baby's Daddy
08. Don't Take My Girl Away
09. Destiny
10. Doin' Wrong
11. On The Side
12. A Woman Will
13. I Don't Want To Be A Hustler
14. I'm Not Complete

Album: Things In The Game Done Changed (2002)


01. Things In The Game Done Changed
02. It's Okay
03. What's A Man To Do
04. My Everything
05. Baby Do Those Things
06. For You
07. One Addiction
08. No Ordinary Love (Interlude)
09. Love Hate Relationship
10. Tell Me Why
11. What Should I Say
12. I'm Wrong
13. Tonite
14. No One Else
15. We Gon' Make It (Mama E's Song)
16. Keep Lovin' You (Remix)

Album: Real Talk (2003)


01. The Big Payback
02. Bad When U Broke
03. Never Gonna Change
04. Good Ole Ghetto
05. Real Talk
06. Reason With Your Body
07. Winning With You
08. Karma
09. Case Is Closed
10. Almost
11. I Lied
12. Pleased Tonight

Album: Everybody Wants To Be Loved (2003)


01. Force One Theme
02. Movement I
03. Movement II (Those Days)
04. Movement III (Times)
05. Movement IV (Alright)
06. Movement V (Lost Love Interlu
07. Movement VI
08. Prelude
09. Movement VII (Insecurity)
10. Movement VIII (Million Years)
11. Movement IX (Losing You)
12. Movement X (Alright Reprise)
13. Movement XI
14. Movement XII (Losing You Inte
15. Movement XIII (Somethin' Abou
16. Big Fun
17. Funky Network
18. Movement XIV
19. Movement XV (Million Years Rep
20. Movement XVI (Over and Over)
21. Epilog

Album: Book of David Vol.1 the Transition (2006)


01. The Preface
02. Nothing But God
03. The Intro
04. Help Me
05. So Many Scars
06. Questions
07. Pray (Til I Get an Answer)
08. Drama
09. Divorced
10. The Settlement
11. My Pain
12. What Do You Do
13. Answer Me
14. Reach Out to Me
15. I Let Heaven Down
16. The Morning After
17. The Potter
18. I've Changed
19. No One
20. Take Me Back
21. The Closing

Album: The Definitive Collection (2006)


01. Before I Let You Go
02. Falling in Love Again
03. Baby Mama Drama
04. My Favorite Girl
05. I'm Sorry [My Favorite Girl Remix]
06. Take Care of Home
07. One Woman Man
08. Keep Lovin' You [Original Version]
09. I'm Wrong
10. Tell Me Why
11. It's Okay
12. Baby Do Those Things
13. Real Talk
14. Good Ole Ghetto
15. Spirit (Does Anybody Care)

Album: Witness Protection (2008)


01. I'm Here
02. Glow
03. More Of You
04. Standing
05. Striving
06. I Know I Can
07. Church
08. The Greatest
09. Don't Stop
10. Calm Da Seas
11. Look Up
12. Secret Place
13. Bless Me
14. You Are
15. Just Worship
16. Champion (featuring Jevon Hill)

Album: 20th Century Masters The Best Of Dave Hollister (2008)


01. Before I Let You Go
02. Baby Mama Drama
03. My Favorite Girl
04. One Woman Man
05. Take Care Of Home
06. Tell Me Why
07. Baby Do Those Things
08. It's OK
09.I 'm Wrong
10. Real Talk
11. Good Ole Ghetto

Album: Chicago Winds...The Saga Continues (2014)


01. Spend the Night
02. I'm Different
03. I'm Waiting
04. Cold
05. Wish You Well
06. Chicago Winds
07. Afraid To Lose
08. Done
09. Take This Picture
10. Neverland
11. Spend the Night (Teddy Riley Remix)

Album: The MANuscript (2016)


01. Definition Of A Woman
02. Receipts (Ft. Angie Stone)
03. Creation (H.E.R.)
04. Ooh Ya-Ya
05. Shortage
06. Blind
07. One Great Love
08. Barbershop
09. Let Him
10. Geometry


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Al Jarreau

Collection of Al Jarreau

The only vocalist in history to net Grammy Awards in three different categories (jazz, pop, and R&B, respectively), Al Jarreau was born in Milwaukee, WI, on March 12, 1940. The son of a vicar, he earned his first performing experience singing in the church choir. After receiving his master's degree in psychology, Jarreau pursued a career as a social worker, but eventually he decided to relocate to Los Angeles and try his hand in show business, playing small clubs throughout the West Coast.

He recorded an LP in the mid-'60s, but largely remained an unknown, not reentering the studio for another decade. Upon signing to Reprise, Jarreau resurfaced in 1975 with We Got By, earning acclaim for his sophisticated brand of vocalese and winning positive comparison to the likes of Billy Eckstine and Johnny Mathis. After 1976's Glow, Jarreau issued the following year's Look to the Rainbow, a two-disc live set that reached the Top 50 on the U.S. album charts. With 1981's Breakin' Away, he entered the Top Ten, scoring a pair of hits with "We're in This Love Together" and the title track. After recording 1986's L Is for Lover with producer Nile Rodgers, Jarreau scored a hit with the theme to the popular television program Moonlighting, but his mainstream pop success was on the wane, and subsequent efforts like 1992's Heaven and Earth and 1994's Tenderness found greater success with adult contemporary audiences.

A string of budget compilations and original albums hit the shelves at the end of the decade, but into the turn of the century his original output slowed down. That was until he signed with the Verve/GRP label in 1998 and reunited with producer Tommy LiPuma. LiPuma had produced Jarreau's ostensible 1975 debut, We Got By, and the pairing seemed to reinvigorate Jarreau, who went on to release three stellar albums under LiPuma's guidance, including 2000's Tomorrow Today, 2002's All I Got, and 2004's Accentuate the Positive. Givin' It Up, recorded with George Benson and released in 2006, was nominated for three Grammy Awards -- each one for a different song. Jarreau returned with his first ever full-length holiday-themed album, Christmas, in 2008. Allmusic by Jason Ankeny

Album: We Got By (1975)


1. Spirit
2. We Got By
3. Susan's Song
4. You Don't See Me
5. Lock All The Gates
6. Raggedy Ann
7. Letter Perfect
8. Sweet Potato Pie
9. Aladdin's Lamp

Album: Glow (1976)


1. Rainbow In Your Eyes
2. Your Song
3. Agua De Beber
4. Have You Seen The Child
5. Hold On Me
6. Fire And Rain
7. Somebody's Watching You
8. Milwaukee
9. Glow

Album: Look To The Rainbow (1977)


01. Letter Perfect
02. Rainbow In Your Eyes
03. One Good Turn
04. Could You Believe
05. Burst In With The Dawn
06. Better Than Anything
07. So Long Girl
08. Look To The Rainbow
09. You Don't See Me
10. Take Five
11. Loving You
12. We Got By

Album: All Fly Home (1978)


1. Thinkin' About It Too
2. I'm Home
3. Brite 'N' Sunny Babe
4. I Do
5. Fly
6. Wait A Little While
7. She's Leaving Home
8. All
9. Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay

Album: This Time (1980)


1. Never Givin'Up
2. Gimme What You Got
3. Love Is Real
4. Alonzo
5. (If I Could Only) Change Your Mind
6. Spain (If I Can Recall)
7. Distracted
8. Your Sweet Love
9. (A Rhyme) This Time

Album: Breakin' Away (1981)


1. Closer To Your Love
2. My Old Friend
3. We're In This Love Together
4. Easy
5. Our Love
6. Breakin' Away
7. Roof Garden
8. Blue Rondo A La Turk
9. Teach Me Tonight

Album: Jarreau (1983)


1. Mornin'
2. Boogie Down
3. I Will Be Here For You
4. Save Me
5. Step By Step
6. Black And Blues
7. Trouble In Paradise
8. Not Like This
9. Love Is Waiting

Album: High Crime (1984)


01. Raging Waters
02. Imagination
03. Murphy's Law
04. Tell Me
05. After All
06. High Crime
07. Let's Pretend
08. Sticky Wicket
09. Love Speaks Louder than Words
10. Fallin'

Album: In London (1984)


1. Raging Waters
2. Black And Blues
3. I Will Be Here For You (Nitakungodea Milele)
4. Let's Pretend
5. High Crime
6. Roof Garden
7. Teach Me Tonight
8. We're In This Love Together

Album: L Is For Lover (1986)


01. Tell Me What I Gotta Do
02. L Is For Lover
03. Says
04. Pleasure
05. Golden Girl
06. Across The Midnight Sky
07. (We Got) Telepathy
08. Give A Little More Lovin'
09. No Ordinary Romance
10. Real Tight

Album: Heart's Horizon (1988)


01. All Or Nothing At All
02. So Good
03. All Of My Love
04. Pleasure Over Pain
05. Yo Jeans
06. Way To Your Heart
07. One Way
08. 10K HI
09. I Must Have Been a Fool
10. More Love
11. Killer Love
12. Heart's Horizon

Album: Heaven And Earth (1992)


01. What You Do To Me
02. It's Not Hard To Love You
03. Blue Angel
04. Heaven And Earth
05. Superfine Love
06. Whenever I Hear Your Name
07. Love Of My Life
08. If I Break
09. Blue In Green (Tapestry) Part I-"The Dedication"
10. Blue in Green (Tapestry) Part II-"The Dance"

Album: Tenderness (1994)


01. Mas Que Nada
02. Try A Little Tenderness
03. Your Song
04. My Favorite Things (Feat. Kathleen Battle)
05. She's Leaving Home
06. Summertime
07. We Got By (Feat. David Sanborn)
08. Save Your Love For Me
09. You Don't See Me
10. Wait For The Magic
11. Dinosaur
12. Go Away Little Girl

Album: Best Of Al Jarreau (1996)


01. Compared to What
02. Goodhands Tonight
03. Agua de Beber
04. Take Five
05. Spain (I Can Recall)
06. Never Givin' Up
07. Roof Garden
08. We're in This Love Together
09. Mornin'
10. Boogie Down
11. Moonlighting
12. Since I Fell for You
13. After All
14. So Good
15. Heaven and Earth
16. Like a Lover

Album: Tomorrow Today (2000)


01. Just To Be Loved
02. Let Me Love You
03. In My Music
04. Through It All
05. Tomorrow Today
06. Flame
07. Something That You Said
08. Last Night
09. God's Gift To The World
10. It's How You Say It
11. Puddit (Put It Where You Want It)

Album: All I Got (2002)


1. Random Act Of Love
2. Life Is
3. Never Too Late
4. Feels Like Heaven
5. Lost And Found (duet with Joe Cooker)
6. Secrets Of Love
7. All I Got
8. Until You Love Me
9. Oasis

Albim: Love Songs (2008)


01. We're In This Love Together
02. Teach Me Tonight
03. So Good
04. After All
05. Wait For The Magic
06. Your Song
07. Heaven and Earth
08. Through It All
09. Let It Rain (Feat. Patti Austin & George Benson)
10. Not Like This
11. Brite N Sunny Babe
12. Secrets of Love
13. My Foolish Heart
14. Goodhands Tonight

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